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Why a Science Kids Party?

We're dedicated to helping children develop a love for learning by combining the most visually exciting experiments for a totally safe, fun-filled, learning experience!

From cool chemical reactions to the hilarious laws of physics, Science Kids' science parties are designed to keep them thinking long after the party’s over.

Science Kids is an awesome birthday party idea, but it also makes a great send-off party for first-grade students, as well as a graduation treat for young grads!

We have been in the kids party business since 2010. We know how important and stressful a birthday party can be, so we offer the most professional customer service to keep you happy and worry-free.


Customer Service

We take the stress out of the party planning process! We keep you informed (and worry-free) from start to finish.

You will receive a confirmation email the same day you book online. In addition, we will call and speak with you a few days before the show. And we will call you (again) on the day of the event to let you know we are on our way!

Our crews are dependable and highly trained adults with college degrees, who have worked with us for years. All have a passion for science and all have experience working with children.


All experiments are safe, non-toxic using harmless household products. Science Kids' solutions will not stain or damage clothing.


No-Mess whether indoors or outdoors. We bring tables, trays and disposables so your home will remain as spotless when we leave as when we came.


We deliver Science Birthday Parties to fit any age group & budget to the comfort of your home.

Our Science Parties are age-appropriate and totally hands-on. Every one is involved. The birthday child will be the featured assistant in a safe, fun-filled learning experience!

A great photo opportunity for parents to capture the action in photo or video.


We offer hands-on, fun educational opportunities for children ages 4-12. Our amazing visualizations make science, chemistry and physics, fun to learn and remember!